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Please note: After several months of analysis and recent discussions with Microsoft we have decided to discontinue support of this library. The library grew to the point that it is hard to maintain and was designed when Facebook's api was different and types of applications being developed were different. We have considered changes that would make things easier, but after discussion with Microsoft and after examining the new sdk that has been published by some of our colleagues in the community, we feel that the new library provides a very solid and flexible approach to building facebook apps and seems that it will be easier to maintain moving forward. We are planning to lend our support however we can to the new sdk listed below. Thanks to everyone who has invested their time and effort into supporting this library over the years. I am sure that the leaders of the new library would appreciate the feedback and support that we have gotten.

New SDK can be found here:

The new SDK has been completely retooled and it incorporates Facebook’s latest capabilities like the Graph API and REST API Calls. You will also find useful sample apps to get you started such as:
*WebForms iFrame Sample
*Silverlight 4 Out of Browser Sample
*Silverlight 4 In Browser Sample
*Windows Phone 7 Sample

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