Canvas Samples Posted

Jun 26, 2007 at 10:45 PM
I just checked in C# code containing:

New website containing very simple example of both a fbml canvas and iframe canvas. Included a text file with each type to describe usage.

Also, added new base page to Facebook.WebControls for each Canvas type.

Added IsAppAdded functionality to Facebook.dll.

I will get the VB code updated in the next couple days.

I would like to get feedback on what we have here:
1) Anyone who is already doing canvases, do my base pages make sense? Are there better ways to handle the flow? Do you think this structure will help make writing canvases easier?
2) Is the sample easy to follow?
3) Are there other things that anyone thinks we should add to the samples?
4) Does anyone have interesting in custom controls for emitting FBML? So, you could just drag an FBML:Dashboard on your form, and have it emit FBML. If so, what FBML objects would be most useful?
5) Does anyone have styles or a master page for iframe canvas that helps it fit the look and feel better? I plan to do this, but wondering if someone already did it?

Please let me know how we can improve this offering.