INPUT NEEDED: PublishStory and PublishAction interface

Jul 3, 2007 at 6:06 PM
The current implementation of these methods in our toolkit has the following signature:
public string PublishAction(string title, string body, Dictionary<string, Uri> images, int priority)

with example usage:
Dictionary<string, Uri> images = new Dictionary<string, Uri>();
images.Add("image_1", new Uri(""));
this.FBService.PublishAction("Birth Announcements2", "Birth Announcement Sent2", images);

There is 2 problems:
1) The image can be a url or a facebook photo id. So the Uri value in the dictionary is not ideal
2) Each image can also have a link to where the user goes when clicking the photo.

I want/need to change the api. I was thinking of dropping the dictionary and just accepting a collection or array of objects (each object would have 2 properties: the string representing the url or facebook photo id and string representing the link url).

I think this is better because it eliminates the image_1 syntax for the caller and also gets us the ability to keep the image1 and image1link tied together in an object.

Thoughts? I am open to any suggestions.