Is is possible to build a site using Facebook as the backbone?

Jul 17, 2007 at 1:25 PM
I have developed a business plan for a new website that involves people logging in and creating a profile etc. THe site aggregates relevant content into focused pages. I am looking at using facebook as the backbone (so people just log into their facebook account to interact). Is this sort of thing possible?

A good example would be which is totally different subject matter but functions in a similar way. Could you develop this site with people logging into their facebook account to upload content etc?

Hope this makes sense.

Jul 18, 2007 at 3:43 PM
I am not sure I follow you. But, I a couple things.

It is possible for you to create a standalone site that is connected to facebook. You could use the facebook api to access a bunch of their data on facebook, and also to have them login using their facebook account.

However, if you use facebook login, it has to be on a page they host. Which you can redirect to and have redirect back to you. But, your users would be bouncing around a little bit.

One very cool site that does this is They have a facebook integrated version of their site. It allows you to save to facebook from scrapblog. Also, it allows you to add and link to scrapblog directly from facebook.

This might be similar to what you are thinking.