Help with Flash widget + variables

Aug 19, 2007 at 9:23 PM
Hi all

I have been running a flash based instant messaging widget and am trying to convert it to run on the facebook platform. I can get it to work but my flash code includes variables such as id=1&username=ben&screen=red etc I have added the flash code to the Default FBML in the developer application section and it works fine (but only if I manually add these variables) heres my Default FBML code

<fb:swf swfsrc="" imgsrc="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="t" name="minimobs" bgcolor="FFFFFF" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" width="180" height="420"></embed>

I thought it might be in a querystring when adding the widget something like:

I have found this widget which seems to have done what I need.

Passing those variables in the add url ends up with this in the final rendered flash on a users profile

Seeing the above iam guessing that querystring is the way to go but how do I get facebook to use it, any ideas?