Default FBML

Sep 17, 2007 at 4:23 PM
I might be overlooking something, but this really can't be difficult.

This is my goal:

I want to call the below url within the Default FBML.
<fb:ref url="" />

What I want to do is call this URL.
The page will render user specific information and return with HTML. I know how to do the stuff. Here are my questions:

1. How do you get? <fb:ref url="" /> I don't want to display a static user. I want it to be dynamic to the user who is being viewed. I've tried to use a handle, but it seems to never work correctly.

<fb:ref url="" />

<fb:ref url="" />
<fb:ref handle=""$user_id" />

<fb:ref url="$user_id" />

So far none of them have worked

2. How do you call fbml.refreshRefUrl("")? Facebook has cached my page and I'm unable to make any changes. Does this need to be called in the return or is that on the FBML side?

3. Are you able to put PHP withing the Default FBML? I guess I could create a string variable that contains "" and then call the variable within tfbml.refreshRefUrl("")

I really hope this makes sense. I've tried 100's of different possiblities and nothing has worked correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I be thinking of this in another way?

Please Help