AddTag in ASP.Net using FDT 3.0

Feb 22, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Hi All,

I'm using the Facebook Development Toolkit 3.0 for ASP.Net

I have an application residing in my localhost where I pull Profile Pics from a friend that I select in my friend list.

The profile pics are loaded into a Repeater. When I click on a photo, it shows the "src_big" in an asp:Image object and saves the "pid" in a asp:Hidden field.

When I select another name and to tag the photo with, I get an "Invalid photo id" message.

I don't understand why the pid is invalid if I can grab a photo using that pid. But when I use the same pid to tag that photo, it fails.

Has anyone faced this problem before? Does it have anything to do with :-
a) my app being on my localhost machine now?
b) the app still being in dev mode?