returning user to canvas with Choosen value from profile FBML.

Sep 25, 2007 at 2:01 PM
Hi, i'm new to FB App. Dev. and i was wondering if there is there some people that can share some of they Profile FBML with me. I understand the concept of SetFBML but i'm a visual guy and i didnt found yet some "good" example of FBML on a profile. I have made my application an IFrame Canvas Type which i think a lot of people find it the best but anyhow my problem is from my canvas app on page load i want to set up a dropdown box with values and a search button and when a user click on the button i want to re-direct the user back to the canvas page with the value of the selected item as a parameter.

With Javascript Btw, if you have betetr idea let me know plz.

Here is my test function.(i spare the html part)

function pocok()
var drp = document.getElementById("drpCat");

window.location = "" + drp.optionsdrp.selectedIndex.value;


I get a a error on the Windows which render like sa8sd78a7s8d_window.location ect......