How to use fb:multi-friend-selector tag in IFrame Applications?

Oct 17, 2007 at 1:42 PM
Hi All,

I tried many thing but I couldn't get friend selector displayed on page. After googling I found that it is not so easy to achieve this if you are using IFrame. They say that even Facebook experiences difficulties in implementing it in IFrame based applications (specially for .NET).

At address facebook announces:

We will be deprecating the notifications.sendRequest API method. In its place, we will provide a standard invitation tool that allows users to select which friends they would like to send a request to. We are working hard on multiple versions of this tool to fit into different contexts. The tool will not have a "select all" button, but we hope it enables us to increase the maximum number of requests that can be sent out by a user. The standardized UI will hopefully make it easier for users to understand exactly what they are doing, and will save you the trouble of building it yourself.

Is there anybody who achieved displaying friend selector for inviting friends to install application? If yes, please send a sample code.

I am sure that many people will appreciated.