NEW RELEASE: Version 1.3!

Nov 7, 2007 at 8:34 PM
Hey everyone, I just put out the new release of the Facebook Developer Toolkit. It's got a lot of bug fixes in there, as well as various functionality that was missing and/or had been requested. Check it out, and if you find any problems in it, be sure to report those in the Issue Tracker.

Unfortunately, basically from now on I won't be able to spend nearly as much time on the Toolkit because of work-related issues. I'll still try to update it now and then and answer user questions when I can, but there won't be the same rate of development on it as you've been seeing lately. This is an open source project, though, so if you'd like to contribute, let me or one of the other project coordinators listed on the "People" tab know, and we'll probably add you as a developer. I certainly don't want the project to become totally stagnant like it was for a while there, we'll see what happens. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement lately!