Ridiculously easy form error (I'm sure!) - please help

Nov 9, 2007 at 10:00 AM
Sorry guys... this is so straight forward it's embarassing

My form looks like this
using fbml
<div class="dh_actions">
<form action="added.aspx" id="forma" method="post">
<input id="thetext" type="text" />
<input id="butSubmit" type="submit" value="submit" />


then in added.aspx

value+= Request.Form"thetext";

but it's error-ing... request.form is full of the other facebook values but not thetext!....

help much appreciated!
Nov 9, 2007 at 11:57 AM
for anyone that has found this and realised
a) what a complete idiot I am
b) has the same issue and is tearing their hair out

I think i've been .netting too long

note name="thetext" in the text input tax