Loosing Facebook-Navigation in FBML

Dec 4, 2007 at 1:50 PM
I set up the sample project in VS 2008 Expr. Ed. and added my two keys to the Default.aspx.cs.
In Facebook, my Callback URL goes to 'http://localhost:53139/FacebookWebApplication3/', and under Canvas Page URL I set 'Use FBML'.
When I build and execute the Project, after logging in to the application, the Default.aspx page does appear with the friends-list, but isolated and without the Facebook-Navigation.

What Do I miss?

What seems strange to me is that in the Codebehind (Default.aspx.cs) it says:
public partial class _Default : Page
shouldn't this be public partial class _Default : Facebook.WebControls.CanvasFBMLBasePage ?

Dec 7, 2007 at 12:00 PM
Edited Dec 7, 2007 at 12:35 PM
It still couldn't figure out what's going on here:

I published the sample project to a webserver to exclude any firewall/proxy issue.

With the setting 'Use FBML' and calling http://apps.facebook.com/example/ the facebook server returns:
"Error while loading page from example
The URL http://www.example.com/ did not respond."

When I go to http://www.example.com/ the sample page renders fine, but isolated and without the facebook-navigation.

When I switch to 'Use Iframe' and call http://apps.facebook.com/example/ it works fine, but that's not what I want...

Where is the trick? Does anyone use FBML with .NET, or are you all just working with iframes?

Thank you,
Mar 17, 2008 at 2:18 PM
Hi Tiradentes,

Did you ever solve this problem? I'm now getting the same issue. (After giving up on the iFrames as that was always redirecting to a Facebook Framed page within the facebook frame... Really driving me mad this stuff).


Mar 18, 2008 at 12:58 AM
Hi Mark,

I actually misunderstood the concept with the page and site types behind the toolkit. Once this was clear to me, it worked smoothly.
There are 3 types possible with the toolkit:
  • FBML
  • iFrame
  • Independent
For the first two you have to derive the page class from the respective Toolkit classes, with a independent website you just have to connect to the FB-Server via _fbservice. If you are still struggling, maybe the following tutorial helps: http://www.f8dotnet.info/Create_a_FBML_Hello_World_Application_Part_1.ashx