the api doesn't retrive the user field 'username'

Mar 12, 2010 at 10:05 PM


the api by default doesn't retrive the field 'username'.

When I try to get user by using the method Users.GetStandardInfo passing CurrentUserId and "username" it says the following

"This method call must be signed with the application secret (You are probably calling a secure method using a session secret)"

This is the code I use to retrive the username

DesktopSession facebookSession = new DesktopSession(Settings.Default.AppKey, true);
facebookSession.ApplicationKey = Settings.Default.AppKey;
facebookSession.ApplicationSecret = Settings.Default.AppSecret;
var service = BindingManager.CreateInstance(facebookSession);
List<long> ids = new List<long>();

List<String> paramList = new List<string>();

service.Api.Users.GetStandardInfo(ids, paramList);