Edit Page Redirects to App page

Apr 5, 2010 at 8:10 PM


I am creating an application tab for a business fan page, and am having some trouble creating an Administration page.  I have a Default.aspx .NET page as the FBML canvas page for my application (since it's a tab app, I have to use FBML instead of an iFrame).  I also want the Page Admin to be able to edit things in the fan page, so I am working on creating an iFrame Admin page called AdminEdit.aspx.  I set this as my Edit page in the "Facebook Page Administration" -> "Edit URL" section of the application configuration.  I am trying to collect information about the logged in user, so I added in the code for logging the user in (the FB.Init javascript and the Requirelogin=true in the codebehind).  So, hopefully everything should be all set to go now.

I go to my business page and find my App.  I click the "Edit Page" link to go to my AdminEdit.aspx page, but instead of logging into my AdminEdit page, I am redirected to the Default.aspx app page.  I am pretty sure that the .NET Facebook framework is redirecting me to the my basic App page (Default.aspx), but I was wondering how I fix that?  How do I get back to the page I am trying to get to after the login?