Session Key Null

Apr 9, 2010 at 6:39 AM

Hi all,

I have an application in Fanpage Tab. In the Tab URL page, I have this line:

Api api = this.GetApi(ApiKey, Secret);

but I can't get the session for that. When I look at the source code of FDT, I see this:

bool inProfileTab = HttpContext.Current.Request[QueryParameters.InProfileTab] == "1";
string sessionKeyFromRequest = inProfileTab ? HttpContext.Current.Request[QueryParameters.ProfileSessionKey] : HttpContext.Current.Request[QueryParameters.SessionKey];

inProfileTab is 1 and HttpContext.Current.Request[QueryParameters.ProfileSessionKey] returns Null, HttpContext.Current.Request[QueryParameters.SessionKey] returns Null as well.

Of course, I already added this application before.

If I have this line Api api = this.GetApi(ApiKey, Secret); in another page ( which is not in Fanpage Tab, I can get the session.

Do you know this issue?