Thank you jimzim and bfwizard

May 5, 2010 at 9:13 AM

Saw that there were a few recent check-ins of code and fixing/closing of issues contributed by jimzim and bfwizard. I'd like to say thank you to these guys, it is very much appreciated. Some of us have been using the FDT from the start, and like most, we always worry about when (and if) updates come in, especially with Facebook's ever changing API. The official Clarity guys (recently with rpowers119 etc) have done as much as they could to help us, but its nice to see there is outside help and community buzz too.

There are tough stretches where we severely lag behind the functionality or breaking changes Facebook has made, so any update to the FDT is a breath of fresh air.

Moving forward, I know most of you are worried about the introduction of Facebook's new graph api and oauth, as well as removal of the old permission system. Hope we can make it through with minimal fuss.

Thanks again guys!