can't get email / street / postcode from users.getInfo()

Jun 17, 2010 at 5:14 PM


I have implemented a solution using the 3.1 binaries.

I can retrieve the user's name / uid, etc - however i cannot retrieve their email, birthday, or their street and postcode from the current_location settings.

The street is null, the postcode a blank string.

The birthday is also null, and the email_hashes and proxied_email are both null.

Does anyone have any ideas to why I cannot retrieve these items? I believed it might be to do with permissions - thus i added the perms into my login tag:

"<fb:login-button perms=\"email, user_birthday\"onlogin=\" window.location.reload()\"></fb:login-button>"

however, this does not seem to have had any effect on the solution nor the retrieval of the information required.

Thanks in advance,


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