Change set with new data permissions gives "ressource not found" error

Jun 28, 2010 at 10:54 PM
Edited Jun 28, 2010 at 10:55 PM

I have an Iframe application that I need to migrate to the new data permissions, because facebook is forcing us to do so on 30th of June.

I'm glad and thankful that people have afforded their time to keep this toolkit up with the upcoming changes.

But I'm having a critical issue with the change sets that supports the new data permissions (ie. change set from number 49932 and above). The problems occurs when I use any of the change sets that supports the new data permissions. I compile and build a release of both the Facebook and Facebook.Web projects to get the binaries. When I run on localhost everything is fine and my application works without any problems. Even the new data permission dialog is working fine.

But guess what? When I published my web application with the new binaries to my server I suprisingly got an 404 "ressource not found" error when I try to load any page that I KNOW exists. It does not make any sense that the web application runs on localhost but not from the server. Until now I've been using the binaries from the official release 3.0 which works fine until facebook forces every application to use the new permissions.

Does anyone had this same issue and know how to fix it?

Have I perhaps missed something with how I should generate the binaries from the source code from the change sets? Could it be that I cannot simply "copy paste" the binaries from the release folder after they have been build?

Any help is much appreciated!