Problem with Infinite Session

Feb 8, 2008 at 12:25 PM
Hello All,

I have an issue with the Facebook integration. I want to integrate the facebook with my application to send images to FaceBook. I have having issues with the authentication. I lose the session after some time which I don't want. I want my User to just Sign IN to the FaceBook site once, (we may Store the login details in the DB for future use.) and later using the same details which are stored in the DB I want the user to re-connect to FaceBook. But I am not able to do this using this API. I visited the Facebook site and found that there is an Option of Infinite Session in the API. does any one know what parameters are stored for that? and if I have those parameters how will I actually use them to make Session with FaceBook.

if some one knows the solution please let me, I am stuck. Iam using VB.NET and application is Web based.