Api.Dashboard.AddGlobalNews not working

Jul 27, 2010 at 7:43 AM


I am trying to publish a global news from my FB IFrame Canvas app. My code is below:


            dashboard_news dbn = new dashboard_news();
dbn.fbid = objApi.Users.GetLoggedInUser();
System.Collections.Generic.List<dashboard_bundle> lst = new System.Collections.Generic.List<dashboard_bundle>();
dashboard_bundle db = new dashboard_bundle();
db.message = "{*actor*} says: Hi! From TaskScheduling App";
action_link aclink = new action_link();
aclink.href = "www.facebook.com";
aclink.text = "Click Here";
db.action_link = aclink;
dbn.news = lst;
long i = objApi.Dashboard.AddGlobalNews(dbn);



where objAPi is the FB Api object carrying my Apps key and secret key and the logged in user info. This object is well formed as i have successfully retrieved my friend's info using this object.

Now the real problem is when AddGlobalNews gets called it returns me a long value for example for one call it returned 128390763871601.
But this Api call do nothing. Neither it adds any kind of news in my profile nor it gives me any exception. So i want to know whether i am using it in an incorrect way or this is still under development?
The point to be noted here is that when i didn't add {actor} token first time in the message it gave me correct exception message that i must add actor token in the message. When i added
the actor token and executed the code then call get executed without throwing exception but is doing nothing. What should i do to publish global news?
Any help regarding this is appreciable.