sharepoint fdt problem

Jul 29, 2010 at 6:04 PM
Hi, I have successfully managed to integrate the fdt into my sharepoint solution. I have previously created a .net solution and have applied the same logic to the sharepoint package (splitting the code between master page and web parts). My web part for log-in displays the log-in button as appropriate , when clicking upon this the fb connect / permissions page opens. After having inputed my credentials, I recieve a message from my web part: Error : Unable to connect to the remote server It appears to be failing on the line: Facebook.Schema.user u = Api.Users.GetInfo(); i can start a session, and see the key, user ID, etc - but i can't see why i'm getting this message and why the call for the getInfo method is failing. It's strange as this works on a normal .net (c#) solution without any problem which is why i thought it should integrate into a sharepoint (C#) solution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Megan.