How to debug facebook application with Visual Studio

Sep 2, 2010 at 3:46 PM

Hello everyone

i have 2 major problems.i am newbie to facebook applicaiton programming with and medium level to

First of all  , i can not debug the program because i have to derive my class from Facebook.Web.CanvasFBMLBasePage  (not from System.Web.UI.Page as we used to )  to use it for Facebook.Currently what i am doing is writing code  ...publish it and transfer files to ftp server and see the result from couldnt find a way to debug...i am writing and seeing results on facebook can i debug?

secondly there is not a set of tutorials or small ebook about facebook developer toolkit .yesterday i tried to show the user's pic on my application but i couldn't where can i find a detail step-by-step guide for this toolkit..and how can i put user-pic and friendslist to my application