Dinamically set Api and Secret Key

Sep 6, 2010 at 3:39 PM


I'm new with fdt. We want to create further application and an application container. So for this, we need to set Api and Secret Key on demand, from our configuration system.

I tried many things with CanvasIFrameLoginControl and CanvasIFrameMasterPage; but each time i have this error : 


Session must have application key and secret before logging in.
To set them in your web.config, use something like the following:<appSettings>  <add key="ApiKey" value ="YOURApiKEY"/>  <add key="Secret" value ="YOURSECRET"/></appSettings>"


In the code of Canvas Session, I see the system looking for this information directly in the web.config. Do there are any other way to set Api and Secret Key ?