Feed Story Problem.How can i feed story ?

Sep 26, 2010 at 8:22 PM

I tried to feed user story such as "UserX joined Myapp" .

i can not do this with

tApi.Feed.PublishUserAction(.....)  function because facebook is not supporting it... it is old and NOT SUPPORTED


Secondly i heard i can use    tApi.Stream.Publish(....)    but it publishes to MY WALL.. not the to the story feed...code is below...how can i create something like "UserX joined Myapp" on feeds


Code i used to publish to wall is below

public static string PublishToWall(string Msg, long uid)
                string RetValue = "";

                Facebook.Rest.attachment_media_image myimage = new Facebook.Rest.attachment_media_image();
                //href is the link for the image if you click on it
                myimage.href = "http://apps.facebook.com/loverscv/index.aspx";
                myimage.src = "http://www.loverscv.com/img/LoverCVLogoBig3.jpg";
                List<Facebook.Rest.attachment_media> mymedia = new List<Facebook.Rest.attachment_media>();

                Facebook.Rest.attachment myattachment = new Facebook.Rest.attachment();

                //name is bold heading for entry, to right of image
                myattachment.name = "Lover's Cv";
                //href is the link target for the 'name'
                myattachment.href = "http://apps.facebook.com/loverscv/index.aspx";

                //caption is the long article text below the name
                myattachment.caption = "Used Lover's Cv";

                //description appears under image
                myattachment.description = "Lover's CV";

                myattachment.media = mymedia;

                IList<Facebook.Schema.action_link> myactionlinks = new List<Facebook.Schema.action_link>();
                Facebook.Schema.action_link myactionlink = new Facebook.Schema.action_link();
                myactionlink.href = "http://apps.facebook.com/loverscv/index.aspx";
                myactionlink.text = "Lover's Cv";

                RetValue = tApi.Stream.Publish(Msg, myattachment, myactionlinks, "", uid);

                return RetValue;
            catch (Exception _Exc)
                string excMessage = _Exc.Message;
                return null;