_facebookAPI.Events.Get() returns nothing

Dec 3, 2010 at 8:38 AM

Hello im trying to make an application to filter my events however the IList count is always zero. I have hundreds of event invitations and clicked attending to some of them. I've been at this all night and am out of options. The sample code used the "var" keyword which I replaced with IList to avoid breaking my compiler. friendslist contains correct number of friends. facebookevents list contains 0 items. Everything is authenticating properly as I can see my name and number of friends. Please help


      // Get user's events via Facebook Toolkit API object     
      // Old Code = var facebookevents = _facebookAPI.Events.Get();

IList<facebookevent> facebookevents = new List<facebookevent>(); IList<long> friendlist = new List<long>(); facebookevents = _facebookAPI.Events.Get(); friendlist = _facebookAPI.Friends.Get(); // var facebookevents = _facebookAPI.Events.Get(); Response.Write("FacebookEventCount=" + facebookevents.Count);  (returns 0)
        Response.Write("FriendsCount=" + friendlist.Count); (returns correct number of friends)

        // Bind list to existing events EventList.DataSource = facebookevents; // Bind the data to control EventList.DataBind();

any ideas?