Desktop App: OAuth + Graph is supported?

Dec 11, 2010 at 1:24 AM


I'm trying to develop a small desktop application that will consume some Facebook services from the user.

According to Facebook (, we should use the OAuth 2.0 protocol and the Graph API in order to interact with the Facebook Platform. Using the System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser, its Navigated event and a regular expresion (\baccess_token=\b(.*?)\b&expires_in=\b), I was able to capture the required access_token value for a Graph API request.

My questions:

1. How can I use the access_token value with the FacebookApp class?

2. How can I send to the Facebook Platform requests using the new Graph API format? For example,,name&access_token=... .

3. For the given Graph API request above, how can I use the JsonObject class to retrieve the fields?

4. Do I need to specify a FacebookSession object to use the FacebookApp class if I'm using the access_token value?


Sorry if it is annoying, but the current documentation for Facebook .NET SDK only explains the purpose of classes and methods, not its usage.