Form tag and ajax problem in IE

Apr 8, 2008 at 8:21 AM
When I use an aspx page to generate fbml as response to an ajax call, the returned page can be added to the facebook app with setInnerFBML. However, if the browser is IE 6 or 7, the returned snippet is not displayed, I've found out that this is related to form tag on page. Firefox runs it just fine, but to be able to return fbml to my facebook app, I have to remove the form tag from aspx. page.
For aspx tables or labels, this is not a problem, but combobox gives an error, telling me that it has to placed inside a form tag. I'll use a work around, but that'd be less convenient than the usual method of simply creating the page and sending it.

Any best practices, ideas for dealing with this problem?

All the best