Aug 1, 2008 at 1:28 PM
In my application I used SetFBL() function which display Flash animation in the User's Profile. Recently FaceBook switch to the new platform and my function doesn't  work any more (I used library version 1.6).
Format SetFBL function is SetFBL("MyFBML","","",UserId). It is return now 1.
What should I do now, to make this function work again. I tried to  install version 1.7 but nothing.

One more question:
Actually today, I have installed Library version 2.0 and found that a lot of function don't work at all in my project.
 I got error on this declaration:
 Facebook.Components.FacebookService m_fbService=null;
 Facebook.Entity.User m_currentuser=null;

Does that mean this version will be compatible with previous version?