Please, help me to create Info section

Jan 5, 2009 at 6:37 PM
Hello, I am trying to add new info section but I fail.

I am developing a facebook application in and I am using this toolkit. What I need is to add a info section. In my aspx-page I put:
       <fb:add-section-button section="info" /> 
In my aspx.cs on page load I put:
      var list_fields = new List<info_field>();
            var list = new List<info_item>();
            var infoitem = new info_field();
            var item = new info_item();
            item.label = "my label";
   = "";
            item.description = "my description";
            item.sublabel = "my sublabel";
            item.image = "";

            var items_localtype = new info_field.itemsLocalType();
            infoitem.items = items_localtype;
            infoitem.items.info_item = list;
            infoitem.field = "Hello";

            _fbService.profile.setInfo("my title", 1, list_fields, user_id);
The problem is that this "add-section-button" never shows up. What is the problem? Maybe, I need to write not only "<fb:add-section-button section="info" />  " but some other tags? Maybe, problems with rendering? (after rendering tags "fb" don't change) Does anyone knows the solution? Please, help.