Newbie help with Starter Toolkit

Feb 2, 2009 at 8:03 PM
I've been playing with this for about a day now and can't get out of the gate, I keep re-reading steverefethen's directions over and over thinking I missed something obvious, which I am sure I did...

I have the latest version of the toolkit.  Wanting to be able to show the application to others, I secured a url & ftp directory on the public internet.  Installed the developer application.  Copied the keys into the config file.  etc.

However try as I might I cannot get the application to load inside Facebook, it always says not found.  Studying the example, I don't see how the test application could ever work either, because the application name is not connected to page within the solution file.

Can someone explain this to me in terms an old web developer can understand?

In the example it shows the callback url being the path to localhost slash facebookapp.  Does facebookapp refer to a folder, a sub folder, or a page within the solution?

How does this get mapped to Default.aspx?  Is Default.aspx the startup page?

If I have the sample application at www.Moose what would the callback url look like for an application called MooseTest?  The canvas page url? 

I'm sure the answer is ridiculously simple but after nearly three hours of trying different combinations all I can create is "The page you requested cannot be found"

Thanks in Advance for such an easy question.
Feb 2, 2009 at 9:21 PM
You can setup an IIS Application under the 'Default Web Site' called facebookapp using IIS Manager. Make this application's physical path the directory of your Visual Studio website directory. Then in Visual Studio go to the project properties and set the debugger to use IIS instead of the integrated web server. You can still debug using this method by attaching to the IIS service. Google on how to setup VS to use IIS instead of the integrated web server, there are a few guides with step by step instructions on this.

So using this method IIS will map http://localhost/facebookapp to your VS project directory and per default load Default.aspx

One note, in Vista I have to start VS as administrator when using IIS as the web server for the project.

Hope this helps.

Feb 2, 2009 at 9:42 PM

So "facebookapp" is the URL of the folder....  and it loads Default "by default" through IIS mapping.  Canvas page URL is interpeted by Facebook to load the callback URL.

This helps a great deal, Thanks!