Receiving Results from Facebook notifications.sendxxx

Feb 3, 2009 at 11:25 AM
Edited Feb 3, 2009 at 11:45 AM
 I am having trouble sending an email to myself for testing..

My page_load code is as follows following the facebook toolkit 2.0

This code is performed in page_load
development tool: Vs2008 professional SP1 "IFrameCanvasSample"

I modified the code to do some experimenting.
Everything is working except for sendemail

        Private Sub LoadFriends()

                FriendList1.Friends = Master.API.friends.getUserObjects()
                FriendList1.Visible = False

                UserProfile1.User = Master.API.users.getInfo(Master.API.uid)
                UserProfile1.Visible = False

                l1.Text = "Hi " +

                For Each u As user In FriendList1.Friends
                    Dim bdate As DateTime = u.birthday_date

                Image2.ImageUrl = FriendList1.Friends(0).pic
                Dim s As String = Master.API.notifications.sendEmail(UserProfile1.User.uid.ToString, "subject:", "blah", "")

               s = s + ""

              Catch e As facebook.Utility.FacebookException
            End Try

's' returns nothing..  Using Fiddler ( I noted
a POST with a sendemail request was put out , then the code moved on to the next line
then facebook calledback to vs2008 local iis  GET css\page.css (which was missing in the sample but I ignored it)
then facebook calledback to vs2008  local iis GET "js\base.js" which I ensured was there
I am not sure what base.js is doing but either way I did not obtain any
popup box or error message from the JS.
I feel I may be doing something wrong here, obviously I need somehow to setup
some kind of event handler to wait for a response from facebook or interface
with base.js which is being called by facebook.

Can someone please help me and share some code c# or vb on how to do this?



Feb 3, 2009 at 2:50 PM
 It was a surprise that the emails were all delayed
up to 3 hours or more.. They all suddenly
appeared.. My Email account is hosted
in the USA .. so maybe there was some
facebook problem..

Anyway I hope someone can answer the
question of how to get the status
of the sendemail and same for sending
sms if that is possible