Not getting to change the Extended permission publish_stream

Aug 31, 2009 at 3:13 PM


        I am working on Cold fusion/Face book Integration.  I have one issue with it. I want to put the feed from the logged user to their wall Profile.
         I am using the stream.publish method. This method requires status_update permission so it is giving the error to me. I did some setting in my facebook application that i am using for key and secret in code. It made me to publish on the wall by only one logged account.

  For eg : I am using facebook account for api key and secret key. I created here one application. I edited it and change the granting permissions to yes for status_update and it give me a success. But now I am only able to put the feed from this facebook account only. If I try the another facebook account then i am unable to send the feed to wall.

  I was using "<fb:prompt-permission perms="publish_stream"><font> Grant permission for status updates</font></fb:prompt-permission>">" this code. but i am unable to run it . It prints the message "Grant permission for status updates" as it as.

  So please help me out to solve this problem asap.