error code of facebook response not available

Sep 15, 2009 at 8:00 PM

I recently started having some failures in an API call that used to work.

I was using feed.publishTemplatizedAction, but that isn't really the problem.

The Facebook api is now returning an error, but when I debug into the details it seems that the response of the api is getting thrown away, and all I can actually get is the bool for succeed/fail.

It seems to be fairly typical in the toolkit to handle a facebook api call like this ...

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var response = _api.SendRequest(parameterList);

return string.IsNullOrEmpty(response) || feed_publishTemplatizedAction_response.Parse(response).TypedValue;

My frustration with this approach is that, in the case I am currently in there is some critical information that facebook is providing (the error code), that is not accessible to me. There is not exception that should be thrown here. But also the detailed response not availble to help be debug.

The error code response from facebook conforms to this ...

But now, at least as far as I can tell, I have the choice of either debugging into the toolkit (which means doing a debug build), or sniffing network packets, or something else unsavory.

Maybe I am stupid and there is a great way to get the error code, in which case hopefully someone will be kind enough to enlighten me.

If I am right, then in refactoring for 3.0 please stop swallowing the error codes. They can be VERY important.