Using kmarshall's FDT 3.0 MVC Sample in an iframe app

Oct 19, 2009 at 4:28 AM

I'm trying to get a jump on the Toolkit 3.0 release by fiddling with the code in Kevin Marshall's blog post , but I want to build an iframe app, not an fbml app.  

I got it mostly working but then started stumbling on what seems to be a hard dependency on FBML tags which don't work in an iframe app.  Some of them like fb:name work fine as they are in the subset of tags that work as XFBML, and I setup all of the stuff (xd_receiver.htm, loading the javascript library, etc.) required to get that to work.  

But when I try the Stream ActionResult in the demo, I'm failing to get the permissions ajax UI to show, which I think is because it is being invoked by the FBML fb:redirect url=" (etcetera) , which isn't supported in XFBML.

Is it possible to use this 3.0 sample code in an Iframe app?

If not, will it be possible when 3.0 is released?

I haven't used the toolkit before, so maybe the 3.0 sample is doing some similar things to 2.1 and somebody can point me in the right direction to get things like permissions prompts in an iframe app without relying on fb:redirect  Maybe an implementation using the XFBML-supported fb:prompt-permission?

Or do I need to just deal with this myself using fb:prompt-permission and ignore the FacebookAuthorization stuff that is in Kevin's sample?

Oct 19, 2009 at 7:57 PM

OK, I downloaded changeset 37335 and got the fixes for the permissions requests for iframe MVC apps (no more fb:redirect).  Would be nice if it could use the ajax-y UI, but it does seem to work.