Urgent help on fb:tab-item!!

Nov 17, 2009 at 4:18 AM

Hello there!

I'm currently developing a FB application for a school project and using fb:tab-item, using this code:


<fb:tab-item href="http://apps.facebook.com/pimp-it-up/Floral.php" title="Background" <?php if ($page == 'Floral.php'):?>selected="true"<?php endif;?>/>

<fb:tab-item href="http://apps.facebook.com/pimp-it-up/index.php" title="Individual" <?php if ($page == 'index.php'):?>selected="true"<?php endif;?>/>

<font size="2">


Here comes the problem: if i were to click on 'Background' tab, 'floral.php' doesn't load. and it goes the same for the 'Individual' tab. Please help!!