IFrame Login Control sample FBML controls not working

Nov 17, 2009 at 1:39 PM

Hi All,

How to use FBML control? CanvasIFrameLoginControl control is woking fine. After login other controls are not working for me.  Any one have idea please share to me.

My code is:
<Facebook:CanvasIFrameLoginControl runat="server" ID="login" RequireLogin="true" RequiredPermissions="offline_access,publish_stream"/>
<fb:Fbml ID="Fbml1" runat="server">
<fb:Name ID="Name1" runat="server" Uid="loggedinuser"></fb:Name>
<fb:Board ID="Board" runat="server" Xid="aaaa" Title="TTT"></fb:Board>
<fb:Title ID="Title" runat="server" Text="T3"></fb:Title>