Facebook connect app : invite confirm pop-up iframe resize issue

Dec 2, 2009 at 5:33 PM

I am developing an asp.net application page, where i am using a fb:request-form-submit inside a fb:request-form for sending an application invite. When the user clicks the "Send Invite" button rendered by fb:request-form-submit, it opens a confirm dianlog box. This confirmation box is opened in iframe which is rendered by facebook itself. But if i click "Cancel", the confirm dialog box disappears, but the white space remains. I am not able to collapse the white space. I tried using FB.CanvasClient.startTimerToSizeToContent(), but it is not resizing the white space, instead it resizes the page cutting down the page from bottom.

Below is the part of the html which is getting rendered :

<DIV id=panel1><fb:serverfbml>
<SCRIPT type=text/fbml>
                    <fb:request-form type="My App" content="<fb:req-choice url='http://xxxxx'  label='Join My App' />"  invite="true" action="http://xxxxxxx">
                        <fb:request-form-submit uid='xxxxxxx' label='Invite %n!'/>
<IFRAME style="HEIGHT: 525px" name=fbmlIFrame_1 src="http://xxxxx/xd_receiver.htm" frameBorder=0 scrolling=no></IFRAME></fb:serverfbml></DIV></DIV>

PS: The iframe is not added by me but is added at run time when the page is rendered by facebook.

I need a solution urgently. Any pointers would be of great help.