What are FDT devs working on?

Dec 16, 2009 at 10:30 PM

I am fairly new to this project, but I'm somewhat concerned about the lack of support for this "Official" toolkit.  It seems like in every other post people are complaining about the devs never responding or the lack of support etc... 

There is a fairly long list of Developers and Coordinators, would it be possible to have one of you give maybe a roadmap of what is currently be worked on?  If nothing else it may make a few of us less nervous that this project is going to just fall off the face of the earth.  Maybe this is out there and I have just not come across it. 

Also, I know this probably is not anyone's full time job, so it’s difficult to find time to develop and support this, but a few more appearances from the devs in this forum would do wonders for the moral of this project.  I do appreciate all the work that has gone into make facebook development easier for .net programmers.