Getting started with FB app

Dec 22, 2009 at 12:34 PM

Hello guys! I am a totally a newbie to the facebook application development

I searched for some good examples and noticed this application [ ] today while browsing and got confused 

The application is to be added to our profile and it has a page on FB where it can send the email link to us to download the Desktop application.

When we register for a new application, we have to specify whether the application will be Desktop/Web. But what applies to the above example? This is being used at the desktop as well as on FB.

On using the desktop application, the application has an option to sync with facebook. So, in such a desktop deployment, do we only require 'Facebook Connect' and no help of Developer Toolkit?

In addition, the developer of this software on FB provides a list on the application page where we can see how much electricity each of the individual has saved?

Can somebody explain how to do that?

May be if the points above get clear in my mind, I could just get started.