Unable to connect facebook thro' my web application

Jan 12, 2010 at 6:53 AM

Hi all,

I am using VS2008. I am new to this facebook developer toolkit. I wrote an application, with the help provided by facebook api, to connect facebook. I have created an application in facebook. I am having my application id, and secret key. But this application  is not submitted.

following is the code I have used in my "default.aspx.cs"  file.

_fbService.ApplicationKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AppKey"];
_fbService.Secret = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Secret"];
_fbService.IsDesktopApplication = Convert.ToBoolean(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Desktop"]);  // it return "false"

Response.Write("userId: " + _fbService.uid.ToString());

but I am not getting "User ID" value.

Please let me know the ways to connect the facebook api.

thanks in advance...