Regarding Desktop Application for Facebook

Jan 15, 2010 at 3:21 PM

Hi Guys,


I saw the video on making your "First Desktop Application on Facebook" available at Codeplex. I followed the instructions verbatim and made a C# Desktop application. However, I was facing two problems first facebookService1 has no member called secret and I could not find anything on this over internet. The second I was not getting a login screen as shown in the video but a different one which asked for "Bring your friends and info" and "Publish Content to your wall" with a field for login name and password. Also, once I login I get a message you have 0 friends.

It seems strange that with the same instructions I am getting such different output. Kindly help me in finding out what is the problem. I will greatly appreciate your help and suggestions.


I would eagerly wait for your reply and comments.

Best Regards,

Jagmohan Singh