Missing publishActivity, why does Status.set require session key?

Feb 2, 2010 at 1:45 AM

Hi, I'm involved in a web app and working on a requested feature that provides status updates on facebook automatically, so am new both to this toolkit and to facebook.

What seems more appropriate is to post activities to facebook but can't seem to find it in this toolkit. Is this because this is a new feature that hasn't quite made it to the toolkit yet, or is it actually there and I'm just blind?

So I'm trying to post to Status instead. According to the facebook docs I should be able to use either UserID or SessionID for a web app. Since it would be annoying for users to have to be logged into facebook before my web app can post status updates I would like to use UserID instead. However, I seem to be getting a "A session key is required for calling this method" error. For now I'm working around this by requesting for offline_access permission so that the session never expires but just don't understand why I can't just use UserID.