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Some members of the community have contributed some helpful instructions and starter kits to help you dive right into the process of developing Facebook applications:

Steve Trefethen developed a starter kit and good set of instructions for using the Toolkit. You can find his resources at his site, application development in ASP.NET.ashx.

Also, Bill Konrad has put together a nice article on how to get started, with screenshots and code snippets to make everything clear. You can find his article here:

If you have a blog post or page that has helped you get started, please post a comment with the details, or email one of the project coordinators if you'd like to have it posted here. Thanks.

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I found the following link the most useful after the walkthrough in the User's Guide for getting a real sense of how the facebook controls work:

Though I had to make some modifications to get it to work in my code and though to me it doesn't seem like it would run as written, it gave me enough information and ideas and a model such that I was able to piece together some things for which I could find no useful code examples. The internet is empty of good code examples and this is the best. If you look for answers to some of the issues that it addresses on the internet you may find yourself unindated with sites that post old copies of the User's Guide and then collect the search strings that people use to get to that site and put these strings on their site. Tricky jerks just trying to generate more traffic.

The user's guide and that link I posted in this comment would have saved me several hours of searching and trying a lot of things that didn't work. after I had used the user's guide, which only addresses the FriendsList control of the ASP.NET Facebook controls. The Facebook Toolkit "help" is void of sample code, making it virtually worthless to me.

Key words: photoalbum userprofile friendslist PhotoAlbum1 UserProfile1 FriendsList1 c# csharp control _fbservices LoadAlbums . Facebook developer toolkit 2.0.