How to use GetUserInfo..InterstedInRelationshipTypes etc

Dec 2, 2007 at 9:49 PM
Hi there

I've been playing with various facebook .net stuff for the last few days.
Suffice to say I quite like this one :)

Forgive me for being a little dull, but I cant figure out how to use some of the profile info.


etc, etc

When I tried

Dim test As Object
test = _fbService.GetUserInfo.InterstedInRelationshipTypes
GridView1.DataSource = test

I get the following error:
Requested value 'Networking' was not found. (with the test = _fbService.GetUserInfo.InterstedInRelationshipTypes highlighted)
Interestingly I get nothing if i untick Networking on my profile (with everything else is ticked)

Am I using it correctly and is there a nice way to put this sort of stuff into a arraylist or something?

Thanks :)