problems accessing server with actionscript

Jun 14, 2010 at 4:01 PM
Edited Jun 14, 2010 at 5:29 PM

I'm developing a FBML application, using Asp.NET and C#.

I want to have a page that if it's opened by a browser it checks if the user is logged in with facebook (and this is done using CanvasFBMLLoginControl) and then it shows a flash swf, otherwise if it's accessed by a webrequest from actionscript 3 it reads that packet and do something.

The authentication through the browser works, but i don't know (since the facebook wiki is really horrible) which variables to send to let the packet pass. I mean CanvasFBMLLoginControl is called when it receives the packet from actionscript (and this is ok, so it checks if the user is authorized) but the problem is that it throws an exception telling that it needs a session key...

Well with actionscript, using POST, i sent session_key and access_token (taken when i logged out and logged in, loading the facebook application from the browser) but it doesn't work..

There's somewhere a CLEAR guide or something like that that explains which variables Facebook/FDT 3 needs for its functionality?

Also because, more confusing, if i search in facebook wiki for old REST api it says that i have to call an URL with some variables to make an api call like auth.getSession, but if i look in FDT it uses other urls with other variables so O.o??? And i'm talking about REST api not Graph...


EDIT: Well now even if i send the right session_key and access_token i receive as a response the <fb:redirect> tag...