Creating a Session Proxy

Jun 15, 2010 at 6:05 PM
I'm trying to create a session proxy for an iPhone, as described in . However, I don't know where to put in the AuthToken that the client is sending my proxy page, and I can't get the session to create. Basically I am doing the following: private Api _facebookAPI; private ConnectSession _connectSession; // Connect to the session using our api key _connectSession = new ConnectSession(AplicationKey, SecretKey); // the connection failed. if (!_connectSession.IsConnected()) { _connectSession.Logout(); return false; } // Authenticated, create API instance _facebookAPI = new Api(_connectSession); However, I can never get the _facebookAPI to create. I either fail on _connectSession.IsConnected() or I get a Session Key Expired or no longer valid. I assume I should be using my AuthToken somewhere to create this, but I can't see any documentation as to how to set this up.