How to get the value of email_hashes in facebook connect

Jul 14, 2010 at 4:19 PM

I'm implementing facebook connect on my website. i've been able to authenticate, connect authorize etc. I can pull all user's info that i need permissions for including notes.


Now i'm trying to get the value of email_hashes from facebook using 


user.email_hashes but can't seem to get the value. I want to compare this hashed value to the hashed value of my existing users' email addresses to make sure they are not registered before i create a new record.


just to be clear i am NOT trying to decrypt the hashed value of the email address, i want top compare the facebook's encrypted version of the email to my encrypted version of an email address and if they match add the facebook userid otherwise create a whole new account.


i am using the faceboo developer toolkit.

does anyone have a clue how to retrieve this hashed value?