logging in w/stored FB id & session from DB on Page_Onload?

Jul 18, 2010 at 3:57 AM
hi, im new to the whole thing and I'm need some advice/feedback on what talented Facebook API developers would do in this scenario: (login.aspx) userA logs into websites CMS sucessfully (default.aspx) no stored Facebook id & offline-session key exist in DB for userA, so Facebook login appears, userA logs into Facebook, offline-session ID & Facebook ID stored to DB. userA Stream.Publish's "hello world" back to his profile successfully & userA is happy. so now userA decides he wants to log out of the websites CMS & go to lunch. In comes userB & logs into the websites CMS. userB doesn't have a Facebook ID & offline-session key stored in DB, so he logs into Facebook, then ID & session key are stored to DB. he also Stream.Publishes "hello world" to his own profile, he leaves, & now he's happy too. userA comes back from lunch & has to get back to work. he logs into the websites CMS successfully. now, since a stored Facebook ID & offline-session key exist in the DB for him, on Page_Load, do we instantiate a Facebook user (w/the existing Facebook ID & session key) so that he doesn't have to log back in & he can go straight to posting? or should we do that on the submit buttons onClick event? if we do on Page_Load, which way are we supposed to go as far as creating a user/session (Facebook.Session.Login() after setting Facebook ID & offline-session key from DB?) so that userA gets logged back in & CAN post straight to his profile without having to log back into Facebook? can anybody help me figure out this very simple task? a million thanks in advance! :)