How to post on Wall on page using Graph library (

Oct 15, 2010 at 1:39 PM

     I am using following facebook Graph API code (ASP.NET C#)
var facebook = new FacebookGraphAPI("access_token");
facebook.PutWallPost("My Message", null, "ProfileID");  

This works good when I use group ID in ProfileID parameter. but When I use Page ID in ProfileID parameter then it does not work. I do not get any error but I could not see posted message on wall.

Please help me how can I post on Wall of my Page ?

Also I got my PageID from page URL!/pages/mypagename/12345678901
(12345678901 is the page ID)  Is this correct ?

If this is doable by other method then please provide other method but it should use Graph API as I have already used graph API in my application.

Thank You.
Kiran Suthar