Error "Requested value 'ZZZZZzzzzzz' was not found"

Jan 19, 2009 at 4:11 PM
Hi, i was following the Facebook Developer Toolkit v1.2 guide to create a web development
starting from page 7

After debugging the application, it refered me to facebook login page. After logging in, they prompt me to put in a Callback URL for my facebook application.

At first I've tried http://localhost/(myFileName)/Default.aspx but Facebook rejected it. Then I tried typing http://(myIpAddress)/(myFileName)/Default.aspx and it was successful. 

When I tried debugging it. It prompt me to the same login page again. However, after logging in, the  System.ArgumentException Error "Requested value 'ZZZZZzzzzzz' was not found" occur on my Visual Studio 2005.

I'm doing a school project. Hoping to extract Facebook Event information out.
Hope this info help. THanks